Once upon a time, from the most beautiful continent on earth, Fidi was born. Soon enough her Daddy nicknamed her Didy. Didy’s journey to becoming a graphic designer grew from a love for wedding card templates she received that had been beautifully designed.

She later launched her own wedding stationery business but discovered the pain of having to outsource design work. None of the designs matched up to her style and many times she felt like she was settling for average. Then along came design software that she’d heard about- Adobe Illustrator and Canva. Bliss!

She spent grueling months learning to use the software and it started paying off. She perfected design principles on each template she created, making sure that they were visually appealing. She was happy. The clients were happy!

As she built her brand, she noticed that many solopreneurs and small business owners struggled with creating their own marketing materials, often resorting to generic templates that didn’t reflect their brand or message.

Didy Digitals was born!

At the heart of this endeavor, is the desire to see solopreneurs and small businesses benefiting from her hard work and expertise and not settle for less when crafting their brand’s visual identity.

Didy Digitals is here to:

  • save you more of your time and and money as small business owner
  • craft aesthetic templates for your brand (oh the peace of mind if you are a non-designer!)that you can use as is or customize on Canva
  • encourage your productivity in the things that matter most

Outside of designing, and though introverted, Didy enjoys the outdoors, spending time with close friends, and family, trying out new recipes and, doing all she can to get her groove back in reading more!